Brief guide to searching

There are two main ways to search the database, simple and advanced searching.

Simple search

The simple search is accessed via the "Google-style" search box in the top left hand corner of the CalmView page. By default, the simple search will search across the Title and Description fields. Where more than one term is entered, the default is an AND search. See the "What are acceptable searches?" page for samples of simple searches.

Advanced search

The advanced search enables you to perform "Any text Field" searches, and also to search specifically on certain fields Fields used in the advance search: Title = the title of the archive, book, journal etc. that you are looking for Description = this field is used for describing archives and oral histories.
It generally contains more information than appears in the title and can be useful for more detailed searches Author = this field is used for books only Any text = this field can be used to search across all the data in the on-line catalogue and is the best one to use for a very general search Archives reference number = this field can be used if you already know the archive reference number of the item you are interested in.
It can either be the general reference number of a complete collection, such as DD231, which will bring up all items with that reference number, or a specific number, such as DD231/1, which will bring up a specific item Library class number = this field can be used to search if you know the library class number of the item you require. Just enter the class number, for example L355.1, into the field Type = this field can be used to limit your search by type of material. If you just want to search our oral history collection, choose Oral History from the list.

Refine advanced search criteria

By default, a search will look for the word or words you have entered. However you can choose to change the default search criteria by clicking the "Refine Search Criteria" option. There are three ways to refine the search option: With all the words With at least one of the words Without the words
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